Norway Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Dellingr Shining or brilliant; Shining Boy Christianity
Aulay Someone of the ancestral heritage; Ancestral heritage. st. olaf is the patron saint of norway; Variant of olaf: relic; And there were many kings in scandinavia named olaf Boy -
Ingaberg Daughter of a hero; Hero daughter Girl Christianity
Bodmod Name of oleif's son; Son of oleif Boy Christianity
Erp Name of meldun's son; Son of meldun Boy Christianity
Bryngerd The mother of tonguestein; Mother of tongue-stein Girl Christianity
Aevar Name of ketil's son; Son of ketil Boy Christianity
Fridleif Name of ari's father; Father of ari Boy Christianity
Holmstein The one who supported flosi; Supported flosi Boy Christianity
Hroald Brother of eyvind weapon Boy Christianity
Arneot Frightens eagles; One who frightens eagles Boy Christianity
Borghilda Wife of sigmund; Wife of sigmund a variant of borghild Girl Christianity
Lockie Scottish nickname for people from norway Boy Judaism
Grimhilda Mother of gudrun Girl Christianity
Duartr Rich guard; A rich guard Boy Christianity
Birget Protecting; A protecting woman Girl Christianity
Astlyr Divine strength Girl Christianity
Bestla Mother of odin Girl Christianity
Estrith A royal person of norway Girl Christianity
Asbiom Divine bear; A divine bear Boy Christianity
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