Old english Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Edd A royal; Guardian of wealth; Form of edwin; Prosperous Boy Christianity
Meed Old english - from the meadow; A variant transcription of mead; One who lives by meadow; Meadow Boy -
Henlee From the high wood land; From the high meadow Girl Christianity
Ashlen Meadow of ash trees; Ash tree clearing; Variant of the name ashley; Old english - ash wood Girl -
Heaton Enclosure, settlement; High ground Boy Christianity
Cheslee A meadow of camp Unisex Christianity
Emmerich It means powerful and rich Boy Christianity
Roanne Roanne."; Roann; Rowanne; "rugged land. alternate spelling: rowann; A little red-haired and ruddy girl Girl -
Hayli A variant spelling of hayley; Old english - hay clearing; Hay meadow Girl -
Daena One from denmark; From denmark also a variant of daniel Girl Christianity
Lleyton Meadow farm; A settlemen in the meadow Boy Judaism
Henryson Son of henry Boy Christianity
Ramsay Wild garlic; A variant of name ramsey; Derived from a place name meaning wild-garlic island in old english; From ram's island Boy -
Frisewide One who is at peace and is strong Girl Christianity
Fitch Its an old english word for an ermine or polecat; Ermine Boy Christianity
Eaduin An idealistic, prosperous and inspirational person Boy Christianity
Dayla To draw water; A silent valley Girl Christianity
Chelle One who is like god; One who is like the god Girl Christianity
Alvina Noble friend; Old english - elf friend; Latin - white; Fair one; Blond; Friend of the elves Girl -
Branwyn Daughter of llyr; Name of ilyr's daughter in arthurian legend Girl Christianity
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