Oriya Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Lav Has a sanskrit meaning as small particle; Son of lord rama; Name of son of lord rama Boy Hindu
Baijanti Name of flower; One who wins; A mythical flower Girl -
Neelavathi Reflects the blue color; Blue Girl Judaism
Himaja Goddess; One of many names of goddess parvati signifying her as fair as the snow Girl -
Gira The name gira means lenguage; Language Girl Hindu
Ameet Limitless; Never ending; Infinite; Boundless; Endless Boy Hindu
Palanisami Compassionate; A name of lord muruan; Another name for lord murugan Boy Judaism
Ashit One of name of planet; Lord of the rings - saturn; Saturn Boy Hindu
Yashodhara Bearer of fame or glory; Glory; One who has achieved fame; Buddha; Wife of gautama Girl Hindu
Manogna Beauty; She who is beautiful Girl Judaism
Agnibha Shining like fire/gold; Shinning like fire Girl -
Sanya Benevolent; Fortunate; Beneficient; A moment in time preserved; Defender of man.; To dream Girl -
Mathura A place; Krishnas birth place that is in uttar pradesh; An ancient religious place Boy Judaism
Lochana Eye; Eyes; Girl with bright eyes Girl Judaism
Japendra Lord of chants-lord shiva; Lord of chants Boy Christianity
Purandhri Same as gayatri; A goddess, mother of vedas Girl -
Monisha Intellectual; Having great intelligence; Solitary life; Well learned; Brilliant; Lord krishna; Wise; Intelligent; Knowledgeable Girl Hindu
Padmalaya One who was born from lotus; House of lotus; One who resides in a lotus; Lake of lotuses; One of many names of goddess lakshmi Girl Hindu
Rachna Arrangement; Creation; Construction; A construstion or a creation Girl -
Satatya Never ending; Infinite one Boy -
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