Pakistan Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ebrah Wisdom to learn from experience Girl Islam
Muhaimin Forgiving; One of the ninety-nine names of god; A protector Girl Islam
Zumurrud Pakistani word for emerald or precious stone; Emerald Girl Islam
Aynoor A beautiful and gorgeous woman Girl Islam
Raim A mother who has strong affection for her child Girl Islam
Dayyaan Judge; A mighty ruler, judge , protector, ; Protector; Good ruler Boy Islam
Baheenah A beautiful woman Girl Islam
Gulfaam One who is rose faced Boy Islam
Awamira Long lived Girl Islam
Durab A big door Boy Islam
Arfaana Wise, wisdom and decisiveness a wise and intelligent woman Girl Islam
Effat Virtue, or chastity Girl Islam
Atiyyatullah The gift from allah Girl Islam
Ayyubia A woman who is like prophet ayyub in patience Girl Islam
Baharan Spring or springtime Girl Islam
Kachela A surname for samma tribe people found along banks of indus river in pakistan Boy -
Ansharah When the heart becomes open, relief and relaxation Girl Islam
Shaima One who is good natured; Fasting; Good natured Girl Islam
Awdiya Valleys Girl Islam
Awamila An active and industrious woman Girl Islam
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