Parsi Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aardburzin The name is the shortened form of adarburzinmeher and means fire of exaltation it's also name of son of hero framroz Boy Zoroastrianism
Purgav A woman possessing several cows Girl Zoroastrianism
Dadhush Someone who is born intelligent Girl Zoroastrianism
Tokhmesarv One with a stature like a cypress Girl Zoroastrianism
Hoshedar A name of the one who will be a savior in the future; Pure love Boy Christianity
Tajbanu Queen or lady of the crown Girl Zoroastrianism
Govad No meaning as this is a modern name; It's the name of an angel presiding over wind also the name of 22nd day of each month Boy Zoroastrianism
Abadard Prosperous; one who possesses prosperity; The one who possesses prosperity Boy Islam
Izadyar A friend of god; No meaning as this is a modern name Boy Zoroastrianism
Khusru King; Husrava; Of good fame; Ruler; A variant of khusro Boy Zoroastrianism
Saham Peace; To bring peace Boy -
Gulandam Slender and delicate, having the form like a flower Girl Zoroastrianism
Gashtaham No meaning as this is a modern name; Very strong it is name of king naodar's valiant son Boy Zoroastrianism
Daryus No meaning as this is a modern name; Persian king Boy Christianity
Zar No meaning as this is a modern name; Lace Girl Buddhism
Mahchehr A girl with the features like the moon Girl Zoroastrianism
Fardad Awesome; A man endowed with splendor; Happy Boy Zoroastrianism
Farrokh Happy; A happy and fortunate man; Fortunate Boy Zoroastrianism
Ferdows Garden; Heaven; Paradise; He is like a paradise Boy Zoroastrianism
Erach Name of youngest son of king farridoon; Belonging to iran; Noble; Helper of the aryans Boy -
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