Persian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Niyoosha A listener; A patient listener, a careful listener Girl -
Shadhan A joyfull, happy person Boy -
Taimur Iron; Iron, as strong as iron; A famous king Boy Islam
Taraneh Song; Melody; Persian name meaning a song Girl Islam
Daris Scholar; Studying; Very important person Boy -
Adish Fire; Full of wisdom; A variant spelling is aadish; Supreme lord; Intelligent Girl Hindu
Anousha Sweet, joy, fortunate; It is a variant of name anoush; Beautiful morning Boy Zoroastrianism
Seriyah A princess or a daughter of a king Girl -
Badinjan Egg plant Boy -
Gulzar Gardener; Garden.; Garden or land full with flowers Girl -
Shahjahan He is the king of the world; King of the world Boy -
Dastgir Helper supporter; Holds hands; The one who supports and cares Boy -
Marzhan Coral; Pearl or coral Girl Islam
Pouran Rosy-cheeked, beautiful baby girl; A successor Girl -
Atoosa Name of an iranian princess; Name of kourosh's daughter Girl -
Shaheryar He is the king Boy -
Nauroz Variant of nawroz: persian new year's day; New year day of persians Boy -
Guebers Followers of ancient persian religion; They love adventure, freedom and excitementthey are very active and mind blowing in every task Boy -
Noorulain Concord of eyes or nimble of eyes; Light of eyes; Peace of eyes Boy -
Abdieso Derived from name abdiel that means my servant; N/a Boy Christianity
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