Polish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Rasia From the royal family; Queen; Latin - rose; Royalty; Regal Girl Christianity
Olesia The person who is showing regard for others in manners, speech, behavioretc; Protector of humanity Girl Judaism
Beatris Voyager through life Girl Christianity
Krysta Kysta means she is a christian; Forms of krista Girl Judaism
Emeryth It means an industrious leader with work power Unisex Christianity
Pawl Polish form of paul 'little'; A humble and small individual Boy Judaism
Fryderyk A peace lover king or ruler; Polish form of frederick 'peaceful ruler' Boy Christianity
Naya An equal distant from the extremes; Soft Girl -
Aldon Of old age; A man who comes from aldon Boy -
Bronislawa A woman who protects the glory Girl Christianity
Berty Diminutive of bert: bright light; Shining brightly; Brilliant; High-born Unisex Christianity
Rajmund A wise protector; Polish form of raymona 'mighty' Boy -
Dobry In polish the word dobry means good; Good Boy Christianity
Heca A woman of many affairs Girl Christianity
Tolla In biblical it means worm or grub. in polish it means prospering; Worthy of praise Unisex Christianity
Martyna A female warrior of the god mars Girl Judaism
Antek Latin - priceless, inestimable; A variant of name is anthony Boy Christianity
Biruta Latvian and Polish form of Birutė. Girl Christianity
Celestyn Heaven; Person from heaven Unisex Christianity
Eytan Strong; A solid and enduring person; Firm Boy Judaism
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