Punarvasu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Harshan Lustrous splendor of god; Has to do with happiness Boy Sikh
Hares Guard; Hares are classified into the same family as rabbits Boy Christianity
Harbans One who is belonging to family of god; One who is related to the family of hari; Gods family Boy -
Hazim Strict; Judicious, firm, energetic Boy Hindu
Harshardha Devotion in god; Belief in god; Firm trust in god; Faith in god Boy -
Kerani Saned bells; Keran means horn Girl Christianity
Kennice The name means beauty; Beautiful Girl Judaism
Hararupa With the form of lord shiva; With the form of siva; One who has the appearance like lord shiva Boy -
Himavan Cold; Snow-capped; Having snow Boy Hindu
Hanifuddin True follower of religion islam; True of religion islam Boy Christianity
Harpooj Worshipping god; One who performs pooja and prays to god Boy -
Hannaan Beautiful, compassionate; Variant of hannan: beautiful compassionate Boy Judaism
Koyilkani Gift of god; Beautiful voice like koyal, gift from god Boy Judaism
Hardhyan One who is absorbed in god; The one absorbed in the lord; Immersed in lord; Engrossed in god Boy -
Kolskeggr One who has a black beard Boy Christianity
Halsten Estate on the hill; English - settlement in nook; A rock; A variant of name halston Boy -
Harva A warrior of the army; Warrior Girl Sikh
Kendall Kendall means from the bright valley of kent river; Royal valley surname referring to kent in england Girl Christianity
Hiraj Dust of diamond Boy Christianity
Hallford From the valley ford Boy Christianity
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