Punjabi Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Dalvinder Army of god in heaven; Who is the lord of a team Boy Sikh
Harjot God light; Gods light Unisex Christianity
Livjog Talented being; Absorbed in union with god; A fun loving individual Boy Judaism
Paramras Absolutely immortal nectar; Highest elixir Boy Hindu
Attamjeet A person who is the god of spirituality; God of spiritually Boy -
Harjee Creator and ruler of universe; Supreme being; God Boy -
Prabhjeevan One who loves god dearly as life; Lord is life; One for whom remembrance of god is life Boy Hindu
Jagveer Warrior of the world; World winner; Brave, courageous and mighty defender of the world Boy -
Surinderjeet He who defeted the gods; Triumph of god Boy Sikh
Prabhmeet Friend of god; One who is a good companion of god Girl Hindu
Samaae Reside; To reside or pervad; Pervad Girl -
Mohandyal Na; Obscure, dwells in the dark places, invisibleness Boy Judaism
Gyanjeet Victory of knowledge; Victory of knowledge, success of knowledge Boy Christianity
Chandeep A holy and bright saint; Na Girl Hindu
Agambir A brave warrior who crosses every hurdle with great strength, compassion, patience and hard work; Brave as god Boy -
Paramkamal Most beautiful lotus flower; Supreme lotus flower Boy Hindu
Prabhbodh Sacred wisdom; Holy and religious brilliance; Divine knowledge Boy Hindu
Prabhjodh Gods warrior; God's warrior; Guardian of god; God's defender Boy Hindu
Alokpal Preserver of light Boy -
Anandroop Of blissful form; Glowing with happiness and joy; Radiating bliss Boy Hindu
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