Purva Ashada Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Dharmdas One who is controlled by the spiritual and divine rules; Servant of religion Boy -
Dhar Sustaining; Earth; Mountain; A variant name of dharthi; The earth; Land; Holding Boy -
Dharmishtha Wants religion; Lord of dharma; One who abides by spiritual and divine rules Boy -
Dharmadas One who serves his religion; Servant of spirituality Boy -
Dharbaka Superficial; Exterior; Shallow Boy -
Dhanaji Richness; Prosperity; Wealth; Good fortune; Rich Boy -
Dhanesh Lord of wealth; Lord of the wealth and prosperity, another name of lord kubera; Kuber vishnu Boy Hindu,Jainism
Dharmadhrt One who makes dharma realized; One who makes dharma realised; One who abides by righteousness Boy -
Phailin Thai - sapphire; A variant of phaelyn; Sapphire Girl Christianity
Dharaa Constant flow; The earth; Earth Girl Hindu
Dharshana Sacred; Holy; Divine; Religious; Spiritual; Pious Boy -
Dharmvardhan Righteous and prinicipled person; Pure souled; Bold man Boy -
Dhanjay Lord krishna; One who conquers over richness; Winning wealth; Victorious over worldly objects; Victorious over wordly objects Boy -
Dhanapal Wealthy; Prosperous person; Richman; Rich man Boy -
Dhanvi A woman who is rich and wealthy one of the names of goddess lakshmi; Money Girl Hindu
Dhairavnath Brave person; Powerful and mighty; Courageous Boy -
Phani One who has power of snake; Snake Boy Judaism
Dhanya Great; Thankful/lucky; Thankful or lucky Girl Hindu
Dharmveer Sacred; Holy; Divine; Religious; Spiritual; Pious Boy -
Dharmedra Righteous; Pure-souled; One who abides by spiritual and divine rules Boy -
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