Purva Phalguni Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Morey Derived from morris; A noble person who is a reason for pride Boy Judaism
Taskeen Peace; She who seeks comfort Girl Islam
Taksa A son of bharata Boy Hindu
Taren Welsh name meaning thunder; Innocent Boy Christianity
Taron English name meaning earthman; Terran means earthman variants are contemporary rhyming blends of ter- plus darin Boy Christianity
Tau A handsome bloke; Tswana of botswana name meaning "lion." Boy Hindu
Mounia Something desired for, a wish came true; A wish or dream come true Girl -
Talihah Scholar, one who is rich in knowledge and continues to seek it; Scholar Girl Islam
Takshin Carpenter; Wood cutter Boy Hindu
Morgen Morning; One who circles around the sea to defends it Unisex Judaism
Talbashah A narrator of hadith Girl Hindu
Tarosh Heaven, small boat; Heaven small boat Boy Hindu
Moukthika The pearl. the name of goddess lakshmi; Goddess lakshmi; Pearl Girl Judaism
Tahj Crown; One who is crowned Unisex Christianity
Taavetti From the hebrew david means beloved, second israelite king; Beloved Boy Christianity
Tahajeeb Way of life of a group of people; Culture Girl Islam
Monikarnikar Jewellery and gold; Jeweller; Ornament of gold Girl Hindu
Monish Lord of mind; God of mind; Lord of the inner heart Boy Hindu
Mohanwant Sturdy and durable grinding factory; Very attractive Boy Judaism
Moral The set of values of the mankind; Lovely thoughts Boy Judaism
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