Pushya Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Daniels Variant of daniel: god is my judge; Variant of daniel it means god is my judge Boy Christianity
Darneil Hidden; A hidden chamber Boy Christianity
Hetheclif From the heath cliff Boy Christianity
Damyon Variant of damian: tame; A legendary son and ruler Boy Christianity
Daryll Variations of daryl meaning dearly loved; A devoted darling Girl Christianity
Hendrie Son of henry; A surname of the scottish clan henderson, son of henry Boy Christianity
Daarshik Perceiver; The one who perceives Boy Hindu
Hermon Devoted to destruction; Anathema Boy Christianity
Danila God is my judge; God is a judge Boy Christianity
Dalldav A legendary son; Legendary son of cunyn cov Boy Christianity
Daegan Hairy and black; Black-haired Boy Christianity
Huitzilli Hummingbird Boy Christianity
Danyl Derives from daniel; Judge of character; A passionate lover Boy Christianity
Darius Name of a pharaoh; Rich and kind Boy -
Darshal Prayer which is answered; Prayer of god Boy Hindu
Dalen The one who has supernatural powers; Rhyming variant of waylon - a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers Boy Christianity
Damyanti Beautiful; Wife of nala Girl Hindu
Herlebeorht Army strong; Tough army Boy Christianity
Damerae A boy of joy, someone who brings joy and happiness wherever he goes; A boy of joy Boy Christianity
Dasan A chief; Ruler Boy Christianity
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