Revati Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Chanah Gracious being; Graceful Girl Christianity
Chitraka Painter; The spotted one; Leopard Boy Hindu
Chaand The moon; Bright, brilliant and beautiful like moon; Variant of chand: the moon Girl -
Chiraga Light; Brightness; Radiance; Proud; Happiness Boy -
Champavati Name of daughter of an ancient king raja sahil verma; Angaraj`s karna`s capital; Owner of champa tree Boy -
Charulata Beautiful creeper; A priceless creeper; Beautiful; Beautiful creeper- like; Creeper Girl Hindu
Chamari Cluster of blossoms; Flowering garden; Article of silk; Cotton resembling it Girl Hindu
Chaitrika Painted; Start of spring season Girl Hindu
Chinniah Pampered young little one; Lord Boy -
Chandranoni Moon faced; Light of moon Girl Hindu
Chandrollas Happy; Beautiful individual and a wonderful person Boy Hindu
Chandratha Nectar of the moon; Nectar obtained from the moon Boy Hindu
Chahna Love; A lovely and beautiful being Girl Hindu
Chandragupt Name of ancient king; An ancient king Boy Hindu
Chandan Scented wood; Sandalwood Boy Hindu
Chirayus Blessed with a long life; The immortal being; Long lived Boy Hindu
Chain Peace; A lucky and peaceful individual Boy Christianity
Chandru Circular; Oon; Another name of moon Boy Hindu
Chiko A unisexual name meaning "arrow; A pledge; Pledge." Boy Christianity
Chandranan Look like moon; Face like the moon Boy Hindu
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