Rohini Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Bahameen Spring; Beautiful season of spring Girl -
Onfroi Peacefui hun; Pacific fighter or comforting soldier Boy Judaism
Oke A latin word that means a horn from the war; Divine strength; A form of oscar Unisex Judaism
Oreste A huge rugged one; From the mountain Boy Judaism
Vishali One with big heart; Beautiful, creative, the one who has a big heart it's also the name of an indian goddess Girl Jainism
Burrell One who lives by the swamps; Fortified see also berlyn Boy Christianity
Basu Name of lord surya, wealthy; Name of lord surya Boy Hindu
Bainbrydge Lives near the bridge over the white water; One who lives bear white water Boy -
Bayya A support; A power; One who holds and bears Boy -
Birger To save; To protect; Rescue; To help Boy Christianity
Binajit Na Girl Sikh
Balendin Brave; Fierce; It means being brave, fierce and physically powerful Boy -
Oha True knowledge; Enlightment; Wisdom; Meditation Boy Hindu
Oninddo The joy or happiness; Giver of joy / anand Boy Judaism
Oddny The "chosen one" or "preferred one" also the head of a village or society in arabic; New point Girl Judaism
Birta Bright; Bright and vibrant Girl Christianity
Vimal Clean; Pure Boy Jainism
Bairn Born; Child; One who is a child at heart Boy -
Balder Bold army; Means ' prince' or brave warrior or 'son of odin' Boy -
Oratun Farmhouse near the boundary line; From the shore farm Boy Judaism
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