Romanian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Anghel Messenger; The romanian form of angel, meaning angel Boy Christianity
Olga The holy light; Holy Girl Judaism
Omor Awesomeness; The person who attempts killing act Boy Judaism
Lacramioara Lily of the valley Girl Christianity
Stela Croatian form of stella, meaning star; Star Girl Christianity
Luminita Little light Girl Christianity
Ihrin Peace Girl Christianity
Viorica Romanian form of the name friederike, meaning tranquil leader Girl Christianity
Ovidiu Worker; An individual who is like a saint Girl Judaism
Ruxandra A variant of roxana, meaning bright or dawn Girl Christianity
Vanda Wanderer; A warrior Girl Christianity
Vlad Prince; Old short form of slavic names beginning with the vladeti. it means rule Boy Christianity
Vasilica Pet form of romanian vasile, meaning king Boy Christianity
Alin Noble; Comely; English - fair; Celtic - little rock, harmony peace; A variant of name alan; Bright; Rock Boy Christianity
Zerenity Romanian form of serenity, meaning calm; Serene or calm variant of serenity Girl Christianity
Cipriana A woman from cyprus; From cyprus Girl Christianity
Iolanda Romanian form of yolanda, meaning violet Girl Christianity,Greek
Geofri Peaceful ruler Boy Christianity
Timotei A person who honours the god Boy Christianity
Antoaneta Priceless; The one who is worthy of praise and is priceless Girl -
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