Russian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Andrei A variant of name andre; Virility; Manly; Manlike; Old greek - male; Brave Boy Christianity,Greek
Efim One who is well famed Boy Christianity
Shura Defender of man; He who defends people Boy -
Anya Nightless; Meaning a woman graced with gods favor; Variant of anna. british novelist anya seton.; Variant of anna: a variant of hannah. in virgils aenei; Derives from anna; From the name anna; The one who is bright and shining; Inexhaustible; Form of Girl -
Halene A dedicated woman Girl Christianity
Nadette The courage of a bear; Having the brave as a bear Girl Judaism
Sashya A helper of mankind Girl -
Natosha No meaning as this is a modern name; Refers the day of entrance to this world Girl Judaism
Anzor Free. (derivative from georgian anzawir); Noble Boy Islam
Rasputin A mystic Boy -
Kiara Dark; Russian; Dark. feminine of ciaran. name of a saint; Form of chiara; Kiara means a woman with raven-black, dark hair; Meaning daughter of the light; Small Girl Judaism
Misha Nickname for michael: gift from god; Variant of michael; Russian form of michael god like; Who is like god?; The message bearer from the god; Derives from michael; Smile; From the name michael Unisex Judaism
Nina Lovely-eyed; Grace. variant of ann or anne: a variant of hannah introduced to britain in the 13th century.; Lovely; Strong; Beautiful eyes; Favor; The precious talent from the most high god; Girl; Grace.; Russian diminutive of the name anne: favour; Girl Judaism
Dinara A sensitive person; A treasured individual Girl Christianity
Mikhail Gift from god; Spell variant of mikail refers to someone likely to carry god's message; Russian form of michael god like; Who is like god?; Derives from michael; From the name michael Boy Judaism
Aleksei A variant of name alexander; Old greek - defender of men; Defender; Defender of mankind Boy Christianity,Greek
Tosha Refers to christ; Abbreviation of natasha - the russian form of the english natalie born at christmas Girl Christianity
Leena Variant of lina: tender; Devoted; A devoted one/ tender; Illumination; Irish word describing wet meadow; Wet meadow Girl Judaism
Aniyah A loving and concerned human being who is a favour from god; Ship Girl -
Tamryn Palm tree variant of tamar biblical tamara was daughter of king david and sister to absalom; Russian name meaning palm tree Boy Christianity
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