Sanskrit Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Sampreeti Real love and attachment Girl Hindu
Bhismasvaraja Not affected by noise sound Boy Hindu
Ahriman Evil spirit; Destructive force; Persian name derived from sanskrit word ari meaning foe Boy Hindu
Yatiyasa Silver Boy Hindu
Raadh A variant form of raadha which means success in sanskrit; Concept Boy Hindu
Hari Lion; Monkey; Tawny; Brown, yellow, tawny" in sanskrit, hindu god vishnu; Sun; Vishnu; Resembling a lion; God narayanan; Lion. in mythology hari is one of the names of vishnu.; Lord vishnu; See arima Boy Christianity
Indumukhi A woman with a moon like face; Moon like face; With moonlike face Girl Hindu
Aanga Yard Boy Hindu
Abjayoni Born of the lotus; Another name for brahma Boy Hindu
Asuri Verypowerful; Demonlike; A person who is powerful like a demon Boy -
Mitra A dear friend, one we chose to be with; The sun; Angels name; God of the sun; Friend; Angel Boy Judaism
Nagnath The lord or the deity of snakes; King of snake Boy Judaism
Aatmgaurav Self respect; The one being proud Boy Hindu
Akarsita An admirer of beauty; Attracted Boy -
Mitul Companion; Derived from sanskrit word mita meaning measured; Well wisher; Friend; Limited Boy Hindu
Yamya Night Girl Hindu
Atulbir A matchless brave person; Matchless brave Boy -
Rithisak Powerful Boy Hindu
Yagnitha Worship Girl Hindu
Anantram Eternal god; One of many names of lord ram; Immortal god Boy Hindu
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