Satabishaka Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Shevantilal A chrysanthemum; A crysanthemum Boy -
Saavini Pertaining to the month of saavan; The name refers to the month of saavan; One who prepares soma Girl Hindu
Skylar Phonetic spelling of schuyler; The isle of skye Unisex Christianity
Serihilde Armored woman in battle; Armored battle maiden Girl -
Safdar Piercing lines fighter; One who is piercing lines Boy -
Suprabha Radiant; Good light Girl Hindu
Sitara Moming star; Screen star; Starlight; A star Girl Hindu
Siran A girl who is beautiful; Beautiful Girl -
Sinhayana Name of goddess durga; Goddess durga Girl Hindu
Sefare Bless; Lord is gracious Boy -
Spence A short form of spencer; Dispenser: provider Boy Christianity
Satvinder Lord of virtue Boy -
Sadiqa A sincere, truthful person; Truthful sincere Girl -
Sukeshi One with beautiful hair; With beautiful hari Girl Hindu
Sona Gold, moonlight; The golden one; Moon light; Prayer; Gold Girl Hindu
Susana Lily variant of hebrew susannah in the apocryphal book of tobit susannah courageously defended herself against wrongful accusation white lilies grew in the biblical city of susa in persia; Lily Unisex Christianity
Sahirah Clean; Pristine; One who is awake Girl -
Sunder Handome; Handsome Boy Hindu
Salahaldin Righteousness of the faith; Righteousness of religion Boy -
Sakari A sweet girl; Sweet.; A sweet baby boy Boy -
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