Scandinavian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ansgar Old norse - god spear; Gentle friend; A variant name of oscar; Warrior Boy Christianity
Olsen The born son of olaf Boy Judaism
Borje A variant of the name borg; Variant of birger: helping; Old norse - from the fortified hill or castle Boy -
Nilsson Son of neil; Son of nell or son of neil Boy Judaism
Olov The fruitlets of olive tree Boy Judaism
Botill One who likes to command Girl Christianity
Roselen She who holds the beauty of the roses Girl -
Hanson Hanssen; And hansson)"; "son of hans (also hansen; Son of hans Boy Christianity
Kristina Variant of christiana follower of christ; A woman of christian faith Girl Judaism
Carianne A mericul and pure woman Girl Christianity
Dag Present; Day Boy Christianity
Linna Small blue flower; A name of the small blue flower Girl Judaism
Somerild One who is a traveler in the summer Girl Christianity
Erlene An elfin or a noble woman; Elfin Girl Christianity
Alrik Noble leader; A person who is a noble, gracious universal ruler Boy -
Jensen Unknown; A variant of janson; Scandinavian - son of jens; Son of jan Boy Judaism
Lisana My god is perfection; Variant of lisanne Girl Judaism
Per A rock form of peter; The person who is like a rock or stone Boy Judaism
Ertha The earth; An old english word for earth Girl Christianity
Erla Feminized form of erl meaning a warrior or noble lady; Wagtail bird Girl Christianity
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