Scandinavian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Jennsen God has shown favour Girl Christianity
Bori One who is a father of the warrior; Father of bor Boy Christianity
Sigrid Victorious counselor; A beautiful wisdom the victory brings Girl Christianity
Kasper A treasured secret; Kaser means a treasured secret Boy Sikh
Brynklie A woman with an armour Boy Christianity
Rigmor Germanic - rich; Maid; Myth name; Powerful; A variant is rigmora; Ruler; Courage; Spirit Girl Christianity
Hendrick Rules his household; Rules his household variant of henry Boy Christianity
Haakon High-born; High son, decendent Boy Christianity
Eudel From the yew tree valley Boy Christianity
Beorhthelm A protector of light Boy Christianity
Broder To be someone's brother; Brother Boy Christianity
Roselen She who holds the beauty of the roses Girl -
Sigurd A victorious protectror; Victorious defender Boy Christianity
Jakobina May the lord watch over her Girl Christianity
Alrik Noble leader; A person who is a noble, gracious universal ruler Boy -
Ericka A feminized form of the name erick meaning ruler of people; Ever kingly feminine of eric Girl Christianity
Kristoffer Bearing christ; He of christian faith; A variant form of christopher and kristopher; Carrier of christ Boy Christianity,Greek
Pernilla Old greek - rock; Stone; A variant of petra Girl Christianity,Greek
Sigourney Victorious conqueror; The conqueror Girl Christianity
Oddrun A spell variant of mukhtar that means someone who is chosen or preferred upon Girl Judaism
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