Scandinavian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Taina From the house of tatius; Abbreviation of tatiana which is feminine of the roman family clan name tatius Girl Christianity
Linna Small blue flower; A name of the small blue flower Girl Judaism
Anderson Latin - priceless; Old greek - manly; Scandinavian- son of andrew; Son of andrew; Brave Boy Christianity,Greek
Svein One who is young in age and spirit; Young Boy Christianity
Cajetan A rejoiced man; Rejoiced Boy Christianity
Elof One who is always and everlasting; Only descendent; Heir; Sole heir Boy Christianity
Khristene The name means she is of chrisian faith Girl Judaism
Lars Laurel; A thriumphant, victorius one Boy Judaism
Astor Hawk and thunder; One who is looking for a prey Boy -
Kovit Kovit means he who is an expert; Expert Boy Judaism
Jakobina May the lord watch over her Girl Christianity
Rona Blessed; Old english - fame; Hebrew - joy is mine; White; Spear; Holy; Fair haired; My joy; Fair; A variant spelling of rhona; Pike; Friend Girl Judaism
Else This is used as an abbreviation of elisabeth or it can also mean one who is noble; Noble Girl Christianity
Lullede Legendary warrior Boy Judaism
Somerild One who is a traveler in the summer Girl Christianity
Gefion One who bestows treasures Girl Christianity
Kary A full grown, adult person; Abbreviation of katherine pure Girl Christianity
Osmin A person who is under god's protection; Godly protection Boy Judaism
Axill Kind of father; Variant of axel: father of peace; They are the one who spread peace Boy -
Janson Son of jan Boy -
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