Scandinavian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Truls Resembles as the arrow of thor Boy Christianity
Kristian Follower of christ; Kristian means christian; Christ bearer; Anointed Boy Judaism
Fridtjof Variant of fritjof: thief of peace; The one who stoles the harmony Boy Christianity
Mimir The wise person, one who remembers easily; God of prophecy Boy Judaism
Axe One who is the father of peace; Diminutive of axel: father of peace Boy -
Olga The holy light; Holy Girl Judaism
Quenby Scandinavian name meaning womanly; Womanly Girl -
Laris To be crowned with laurel Unisex -
Kare Tremendous; Kare means means enormous, big Boy Christianity
Johansen A scandinavian version of johanson, meaning 'son of johan' Boy Judaism
Dag Present; Day Boy Christianity
Erle Nobleman name based on the english title of earl; A leader or nobleman or warrior or prince Boy Christianity
Sofia From the name sophia; Means wisdom in greek. a wise woman; Derives from sophia; Wise Girl Christianity
Oddveig Pointed; Moksha is a sanskrit word that means salvation or to be relieved Girl Judaism
Jennsen God has shown favour Girl Christianity
Jakobina May the lord watch over her Girl Christianity
Danby Variant of denby: village in denmark; Settlement Boy Christianity
Jerk A variant of eric; Ever ruler; Old norse - ever ruling; Island ruler Boy Christianity
Karalee Karalee name means pure, fair; Abbreviation of katherine pure Girl Christianity
Karalie Karalie name means genuine; Abbreviation of katherine 'pure'; Abbreviation of katherine pure Girl Christianity
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