Scottish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Davida Beloved feminine of david; Beloved person; Adopted from hebrew Girl Christianity
Hacket Little hacker; Norman personal name Boy Hindu
Lachlan The name means the norwegian; From the land of lakes Boy Judaism
Ervyn A word which means someone who is a beautiful friend; Variant of ervin: beautiful Boy Christianity
Douglas Dwells by the dark stream; Dark water. in the seventeenth century; Dweller by the dark stream; The origin of dark water; From the dark river. the scottish douglas clan had two historical branches: (black douglases and; This name was as popular for gi Boy Christianity
Cailan A thin and slender man; Child Boy Christianity
Thayne The landholder; Follower Boy Christianity
Steaphan Crown; Wreath variant of stephen; One who wears the crown Boy Christianity
Macklen The son of flann Boy Judaism
Kinnon Fair born; Kinnon name means he who is fair born Boy -
Callum Bald dove; He looks like a dove Boy Christianity
Naos One option or single opportunity Boy Judaism
Hamel Scarred; Home-lover's estate, hill with grass; Home-lovers estate or hill with grass Boy Judaism
Aodh Fire; Derived from the element "aed" which means fire; Celtic - fire, brightness, splendour Boy Christianity
Gruaidh It means the red king, from words ruadh (red-coloured hair or complexion) and ie - king. it is mostly used in ireland and scottish. it has many forms, such as ruairi, ruairidh and the most common rory. this was the name of the last high king Boy -
Baldred It as the name of a courageous man who pleaded for the freedom of scottish the name symbolizes leadership and initiative Boy -
Gibb Son of gilbert; Gibb is more commonly used as a surname as a first name its more used variation is gib, which means servant of stbridges it is a male name Boy Christianity
Rehtaeh Heather spelled backwards. a plant name that can be found in scottish Girl -
Bob Diminutive of robert: famed; Form of robert; Shining. an all-time favorite boys' name since the middle ages. famous bearers: scottish national hero robert the bruce and novelist robert ludlum.; Meanin; Bright; Abbreviation of robert.; From the name r Boy Christianity
Lanark Small town in scottish; Clear space, glade Boy Judaism
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