Scottish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Caley Slender; A young child who is contemporary Boy Christianity
Maezie One who is beautiful like a pearl Girl Judaism
Haddow It is of medieval scottish origin, a location name from aberdeen; One who came from haddo Boy -
Gregor They are excellent, good learner and determindthey have a quality to solve all issues; Vigilant Boy Sikh
Nigel Victor, winner, dark, gloomy, dusk; Champion from the irish and scottish niall Boy Judaism
Rehtaeh Heather spelled backwards. a plant name that can be found in scottish Girl -
Tulloch A name for hillock and a mound; Interresting Boy Christianity
Micheal Form of michael who is like god?; A beautiful gift from the god Girl Judaism
Johnston God is graciousson of jack he who supplants diminutive of jack -; From john's farm Boy Hindu
Aberdine Woman from a city of aberdeen; Reliable Girl Christianity
Graeme Farm home; Graeme name means a farm home or a place to relax. in simple words a person with whom people feel relaxed Boy Christianity
Bryson A freckled man's son; Variant of bryce Boy Christianity
Neils A person who has general authority over others; Son of neil; Champion Boy Judaism
Crayton Name originated from "creighton"; Border dweller; Settlement; Rocky Boy -
Toran Variant of torrence from the craggy hills tor is a name for a craggy hilltop and also may refer to a watchtower; A watchtower over the hill Boy Christianity
Ryanne Little king; She who is a great queen Girl -
Hay One who is from a stockade; From the stockade Boy Christianity
Haye Hedge; From the stockade Boy Christianity
Gunn The name gunn originates from old nordic mythology and an old nordic word "gunnr" which means war or battle; White Girl -
Lanrick A place name that reffesr to lanrick castle in scottland Boy Judaism
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