Scottish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Trinian A gaelic variant of saint ninian from scottish Boy Christianity
Donal Stranger , great chief; Variant of donald great chief Boy Christianity
Kendrick The name means he is a brave leader; Royal chieftain surname Boy Hindu
Firouzah Reference to turquoise, a semi-precious stone of turkish origin Boy Christianity
Anabell A lovable person who are problem solvers Girl -
Rosse A headland or a cape Unisex -
Kyal The name means narrow, a strait; Care Boy Judaism
Grahame A boy from the gray house gray is the sign of intelligence; Or farm home; This scottish surname is a variant of the lincolnshire place name grantham; Meaning grant's homestead; And is also a common given name famous bearer: british writer graham gree Boy Islam
Loch A lake; A gaelic word for a lake Boy -
Profit A scottish and english surname; A variant spelling is proffitt Boy -
Gilroy Gilroy is a name of scottish and latin origin it is a male name and means serves the king; Serves the red haired lord Boy Christianity
Jaymiee One with a beautiful face Girl Christianity
Kynlee The name means she is of fair skin Girl Judaism
Alec Protector of mankind.; Alec became very; Diminutive of alexander: defender of men; Now frequently used as an independent name; Originally a diminutive of alexander; Abbreviation of alexander 'defender of mankind.'.; Form of alexander; Defender of man Boy -
Bonelle A beautiful woman with good nature Girl Christianity
Hogg A scottish surname; Hog rider from clash of clans Boy Judaism
Bartley Son of the one who abounds in furrows; The birch tree meadow see also berkley; From the birch tree meadows; Son of talmai Boy Christianity
Sim Listener; Listening Boy Christianity
Makailyn A virginal, untouched young woman Girl -
Frazier A derivative from the word 'fraise' it means a strawberry; Variant of fraser of the forest men Boy Christianity
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