Scottish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ever Strong as a boar Boy Christianity
Jannet Scottish name for girls; Variant of jane: from the french jeanette Girl Christianity
Rab Famously famous; German - bright famous one; Shining; Diminutive of robert: famed; Bright; Shining an all-time favorite boys name since the middle ages famous bearers: scottish national hero robert the bruce and novelist robert ludlum; Scottish short Boy -
Chisholm Soft like cheese; From chisolm Boy Christianity
Brice From brieuxtown; A speckled boy Boy Christianity
Dallace The one from dallas Boy Christianity
Duante He who watches over the land; Dark many irish and scottish names have the meaning dark or black Boy Christianity
Dierdre Sorrowful; A raging person with a broken heart Boy Christianity
Firouzah Reference to turquoise, a semi-precious stone of turkish origin Boy Christianity
Ray A variant of name raymond; Counselor. abbreviation of raymond.; Radiant.; Guards wisely.; Diminutive of raymond: counsel; Grace; Meaning a wise protector; Germanic - counsel; Regal; Form of raymond; Doe.; Wise protector a wise warrior; Mighty protect Boy -
Macklen The son of flann Boy Judaism
Kilmeny Kilmeny means monestary, church Girl Judaism
Ferris Rock; One who makes the best choices Boy Christianity
Osla One who came from a steep place; Meaning unknown Girl Judaism
Kirkland Kirkland means land of the church; Church Boy Judaism
Maccaulay Son of righteousness Boy Judaism
Ewing The children of the yew trees; Lawyer Boy Christianity
Gilleasbuig Bold; The meaning of the name is sacred and blood and is of scottish origin gilleasbuig is a male name Boy Christianity
Kelti Kelti means clans of the keltie, callander Boy Christianity
Les From town of leicester; A gardn of holiness and sancity Boy Judaism
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