Shinto Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Tatsuya Sign of the dragon Boy Shinto
Taree Bending branch; A branch that is bending Girl Shinto
Suzu Crane; A man who lives long; Long-lived Boy Shinto
Tamami A woman who is a beautiful gem or jewel; Completion Girl Shinto
Sora Chirping songbird; She is like the sky Girl Shinto
Taney Japanese name meaning valley Girl Shinto
Japesa Lord of reciters; Lord of those who recite Boy Shinto
Janiett Variation of the name jane meaning god is gracious Girl Shinto
Tamashini A soul. one who is very soulful; A dark night Unisex Shinto
Sumire A lovely violet Girl Shinto
Cho A flying insect that feasts on nectar; Butterfly; Butterfy Girl Shinto
Hauba Person individual soul Girl Shinto
Taichi Means a thick or big one Boy Buddhism,Shinto
Giichi Giichi is a male japanese name the name means one rule, the righteous one Boy Shinto
Souji General manager; One who is a general director Boy Shinto
Kaushik Sentiment of love; Ove; Sage vishwamitra; A wise sage; Kaushin means the feeling of love Boy Shinto
Sueko She who is the youngest child in the family Girl Shinto
Takuma An open truth Boy Buddhism,Shinto
Teijo A righteous boy; Righteous; Well governed Boy Shinto
Subaru One who is uniting. a term that identifies the pleiaddes star cluster in the constellation taurus Unisex Shinto
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