Shravana Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Jeshan Plain and simple; Clear; Clear as crystal Boy Hindu
Jeniece God has poured his grace upon me; Variation of jenny which is a diminutive of jane and jennifer Girl Sikh
Juman Juman means pearl; Pearl Girl -
Jerzy Earthworker; Old greek - farmer; Form of george; A variant name of george Boy Christianity,Greek
Jonalyn Modern feminine of john and jon; It means god is gracious they are generous and love to help people noble and kind people who wants to spend their most of the time with family Girl Christianity
Jeeval Full of life Boy Christianity
Julaybib Brave martyr Boy Hindu
Khurram Merry; Glad; Delightful; Cheerful; Happy; Delightful happy; Joyful Boy Hindu
Joideep Lamp of happiness; Flame of joy; Light of happiness Boy Hindu
Judaea The praised one; Land of the descendants of judah Unisex Christianity
Joice One who is a delight, rejoicing , who creates happiness; Happy Girl Christianity
Jeremiah Exalted of the lord; God will raise up, god will set free Boy Christianity
Juginder Juginder means lord shiva; Lord of the age Girl Christianity
June Born in june; Name june comes from juno, ancient roman protector of woman and marriage Boy Christianity
Junius Youthful; A variant of the name julius and junior; Young child; Younger; Latin - dedicated to juno Boy -
Jeven Son of japheth; To give life Boy Christianity
Joyal One who is happy and delighted; Joyful person Boy Hindu
Jusal Pari; The meaning of the name jusal is pearl Boy Christianity
Jorunn Jorunn means the one who loves horses; Chiefs love Boy Christianity
Junia Youth; The name junia means born in june Girl Christianity
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