Sikh Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Jagratan Gem of the world; The most precious gem in the world Boy Christianity
Gurnishaan Sign of guru; An intelligent person who is a sign or symbol of his guru Boy Christianity
Achraj Wondrous; One who is wondrous, full of wonders Boy -
Mahanteerath Greatest holy place; A magnificent holy place Boy Judaism
Takhat Throne of the ruler of the kingdom; Throne; Seat Boy Hindu
Arminder Na; God's triumph Girl -
Sukhram The peace prevades in him; The one in whom peace prevades Boy Sikh
Gurmej Gurus place of rest; Gurmej lives a stable and properious llife they have the ability to handle each type of peple easily Boy Christianity
Arvindera Lord of horses; Lord of wheels; A sikh who is the lord of the wheels Boy -
Prasharanbir Brave in the lords shelter; One who isbrave and sheltered by the lord Boy -
Ekam United; Unity; Solitary; One; Oneness; Spirituality; Single Unisex -
Hargeet A divine song; Praises of the divine god through songs; Lords blissful songs; Lord's blissful songs Boy -
Green King richard the second' a favorite of king richard; They are self-made and focus on large issues of life.they build their foundation very strong Boy Sikh
Karansukh The name means having happy thoughts, happy; Happy Girl Christianity
Johnetta The modern feminine of the name john or jon, person having a need to analyze the world; Modern feminine of john and jon Girl Sikh
Japnoor Illumination; Worshipper of eternal light; One who meditates on the divine light; Chanting Boy Hindu
Jamail Beautiful one; Glory with the union of god Boy -
Katoka Pure; Katoka means pure Girl Sikh
Harimandir Temple of god; Abode of lord vishnu; A temple of lord vishnu Boy -
Preetam Beloved; Sweet; Adored; Devotee; Lovable; Treasured; Dear most; Lover; Dearly-loved Boy Hindu
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