Simha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Mikal Messenger; The dear messenger of god; Angel Girl Judaism
Miftah The one who guides others to the upright path; Key opener Boy -
Mohandyal Na; Obscure, dwells in the dark places, invisibleness Boy Judaism
Maruthi Prasad Gift from lord hanuman; Lord hanuman; Blessings of lord hanuman; Offerings made for lord hanuman; Bhimsen Boy Hindu
Mandhur Vowed; Consecrated to god; She who is gentle Girl Judaism
Marukatam Emerald; A name of emerald Boy Judaism
Miciah Gift from god; The priceless gift from god Girl Judaism
Mireille Hebrew - god has spoken; Wonderful; To admire; Miracle; A variant of mira Girl Judaism,Christianity
Montie A hill or a hilly area; Mountain abbreviation of montague and montgomery Boy Judaism
Mausami Seasonal; Season Girl Hindu
Melantho Myth name (a serving girl); Helping person, who always provides aids to other people who are in needing help Girl Judaism
Meridian English - imaginary circle around the earth; Middle; Center Boy -
Mohinderpreet Love of the charming king; A messenger who bears or presents Boy Judaism
Marzouq Blessed (by god) fortunate; One who is blessed by god Boy -
Martyn Warrior of mars; A warrior, a soldier of god mars Boy Judaism
Manzur An admired and aknowledged man; Acceptable admired Boy -
Marwarid Form of margaret; Pearl jewel; A jewel; Meaning 'resembling a pearl / the child of light' Girl -
Marmik Influential; Piognant; Touching; Perceptive; Insightful; Intelligent Boy Hindu
Mahanidhi A great treasure house; Most charitable person; One who is most righteous and benevolent Boy Hindu
Mahidul No meaning as this is a modern name; A muslim name Boy -
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