Spanish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Tabor Mt. tabor a mountain in nazareth; Plays a small drum Boy Christianity
Maquinna Spanidh word meaning machine Unisex Judaism
Estefany Crowned or glory or wealth; Feminine of stephan Girl Christianity
Allegra "joyful." variants include alegra; Leggra; Legra; Joy, delight, joyfulness Girl -
Arsenio Strong; It is derived from the element 'arsenios'; Greek - virile; Manly; Virile famous bearer: talk-show host arsenio hall Boy Christianity,Greek
Roisia One who is like arosary, like beads Girl -
Ruana Musical instrument; Musical instrument with a string; One who is musically inclined; Poncho Girl Hindu
Fabiola Bean grower; A girl who grows beans Girl Christianity
Montrell A region full of mountains; Mountain abbreviation of montague and montgomery Boy Judaism
Modesto Modesty; Moderate the spanish saint modesto; Mehuli derived from a sanskrit word that means a very small rainy cloud Girl Judaism
Rufina A woman who is of red hair; Red haired Girl -
Isadoro Strong gift; Gift of the goddess isis Boy Christianity
Alma Good; Name of river; All good; Kind. loving. the soul. rarely used before the 1854 crimean war battle of alma; Soul. ra; Loving.; One who is nurturing and kind / refers to the soul; Spirit & strength; But subsequently very fashionable.; Geist spirit; Boy -
Ekisa The primal god; One who is consecrated to god; One god Girl Christianity
Litzy Spanish name describing joy Girl Judaism
Eider Beautiful and pretty haired lady Girl Christianity
Raulo Latin - laurel; Bay; Germanic - wise and strong; Wise Boy -
Cerda Awesome hair Boy Christianity
Edgardo Fortunate and powerful; A wealthy man who is known for riches Boy Christianity
Rubin Bright; An ability of sight, a son Girl -
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