Swahili Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aminah Trustworthy (swahili); Filled with honesty and trustworthy nature; Variant of amina: trustworthy reliable faithful secure protected; Trustworthy Girl -
Randa Kiswahili for to dance; A sweet smelling desert tree, scented tree Girl -
Lakicia She who is a favorite among people Girl -
Chaga The kiswahili word "chaga" means "to do vigorously" and "be prevalent."; The one having a dominant personality; A goat Boy Christianity
Marjani A coral; Swahili name meaning "coral." Girl -
Shomari Forceful; One with a forceful personality Boy -
Zuberi Swahili name meaning "strong."; One who is strong Boy Islam
Raziya Agreeable."; Swahili name meaning "sweet; A delighted and satisfied woman Girl -
Pacca Lovely person; Another name of a pussycat Girl Judaism
Djimon One who has a strong blood; Powerful person Boy Christianity
Atiena Guardian of the night Girl Christianity
Athumani The third khalifa Boy -
Faika Better; African swahili - superior Girl -
Hasina Beautiful. pretty.; Good; A variant spelling is hasinah; Elegant; Beautiful; Fair; Cheerful; Good. (swahili).; One who is good and beautiful; Pretty Girl -
Aminia A variant spelling of name amina; Faithful; Arabic - truthful; Honest woman; A kiswahili word meaning "to believe in."; Trustworthy Girl Islam
Taraji Swahili name meaning hope Girl Islam
Hasan Laughter; Handsome (swahili).; Good, handsome, beautiful, one who beautifies Boy -
Nea Radiant, shimmering, glossy, glistening Girl Judaism
Asanis Rebel; A clear and modest person Boy -
Hawa Swahili name meaning "longing."; Air, desire, inclination Girl Christianity
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