Swati Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Rohini Moon; Woman; One who is like the stars and the moon; A star Unisex -
Rufin A boy of reddish, ginger hair; Red head Boy -
Ruwaid One whose walk is gentle; Walking gently Boy Islam
Rutva Season of goodness, prosperity and richness; Speech; Joy and happiness; Season Boy Hindu
Rosalina A girl with a lips of a rose; Rose Girl -
Ruthvika Goddess saraswati; Speech Girl Hindu
Rusyendra Name of an ascetic; Name of muni Boy Hindu
Reeda Variant of rida: favored by god; A fovored, popular and loved person Girl -
Roza One whose beauty is compared to one of the rose; Rose Girl -
Ronney Strong counsel; A glorious songs of joy; Image Boy -
Readman Red haired counselor; A counselor with red hair Boy -
Rudainah Old arabic name; A very old arabic name for a girl Girl -
Ruthie A companion who is a vidion of beauty; Fun loving Girl Judaism
Rosamunda Whe who is like the wild roses; Renowned protector Girl -
Rutwaak A sage Boy Hindu
Roswell Horse mighty; One whose horse is mighty Boy -
Reign Dominance or widespread influence; To rule other people Unisex -
Reilly Surname rye form of ryley; A rey as in an edible grain Boy -
Rosamunde A woman who is a wild rose; Famous defender Girl -
Rori Brilliant; He who is a red king Boy -
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