Swiss Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aebi Pet form of the personal name adalbert, meaning noble Boy Christianity
Balthis Swiss form of balthazar, meaning baal protects the king Boy Christianity
Ehlii A noble and brave hearted person Unisex Christianity
Ebersold Swiss variant of ebersol, meaning wild boar or wallow Boy Christianity
Jetmir A good life Boy Christianity
Friede Elf strength Girl Christianity
Gittan The exalted one Girl Christianity
Jeton Life Boy Christianity
Ushi Ox; A sign in the zodiac; As strong as an ox; A plant Girl Christianity
Andrin Swiss form of henry; They are ruler and leader of household Boy -
Frutiger A habitational name from a place called fruttigen Boy Christianity
Amacker Topographic name from 'am acker', meaning by the field Boy Christianity
Bastein Short form of sebastein, meaning one who is revered Boy Christianity
Altherr The name means old master, or an older person of high status Boy Christianity
Elsinger Probably a derivative of elsing Boy Christianity
Arnborg Eagle or protection Boy Christianity
Inge The foremost one; Feminine diminutive of lngeborg: ings protection Girl Christianity
Marti A soldier of mars; Warrior of mars Boy Judaism
Liridona One who is longing for freedom Girl Christianity
Uschi Young bear; A female bear Girl Christianity
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