Tamil Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Devamsh Part of god; One who is considered part of the divine lord Boy -
Biraat Large; Huge; A lot; Extensive; Immense; Great Boy -
Ramanuj Lord krishna; Lord laxman; Younger brother of lord rama Boy -
Aparna From the sanskrit for "leafless." aparna is a name goddess parvathi; Goddess parvati; One without prana (leaf) Girl Hindu
Adith Sunday; Lord of the sun, or peak Boy -
Rasik Elegance; Elegant; Appreciative; A connoisseur; Tasteful; Full of passion; Connoisseur Boy Hindu
Jayachandra The legend; One who won Girl Christianity
Shakunt Blue jay Boy -
Aryahi Goddess durga Girl -
Hrithika A small flowing river or stream; Kind hearted; A compassionate person; Joy; Truthful; One with a kind and generous heart; Generous; Of truth Girl -
Anya Nightless; Meaning a woman graced with gods favor; Variant of anna. british novelist anya seton.; Variant of anna: a variant of hannah. in virgils aenei; Derives from anna; From the name anna; The one who is bright and shining; Inexhaustible; Form of Girl -
Pranil Lord shiva; A feeling of pure and real love Boy -
Harshaman Full of joy; Full of happiness Boy Christianity
Yaj A sage Boy Hindu
Sourish Lord vishnu Boy Hindu
Chandraki Peacock; A peahen Girl Hindu
Nikunja Who can resemble as god; From the grove of trees Boy Judaism
Sarveshvara Lord shiva; Lord of all; Lord of all, a name for lord shiva Boy -
Naveen New; A pleasant or beautiful person; Beautiful; Pleasant Boy Judaism
Shreeharsh God of happiness; Lord of happiness Boy -
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