Telugu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aghornath The lord of the aghoris; One of many names of lord shiva; Represents one of the five faces of lord shiva; Lord shiva Boy Hindu
Bhadrak Handsome; Handsome, attractive Boy Hindu
Jiya Sweet heart; Sweatheart, this is the name of blessings and fortunate they are the loved ones of the whole family; Piece of heart Girl Christianity
Kanji Another name of lord krishna; One of many names of lord krishna Boy Hindu
Nandan Who brings happiness; Pleasing; One who is pleasing; King; Lord krishna; One; Son; Friend; A well being of enjoyment Boy Judaism
Turya Spiritual power; The one who has divine powers Girl Hindu
Meghna A cloud; Riner ganges Girl Judaism
Lokshita The one who prays for the world; Pray for world Girl Judaism
Ujjal Bright, clean, lovely; Briliant; Luminous Boy Hindu
Kush Son of lord rama; Sacred grass; Kush means sacred kush grass Boy Judaism
Mahavir Most courageous person; Great hero; Lord hanuman; Most powerful; Name of jain prophet; Founder of jain religion; Also the super courageous one; Most courageous among men; Most courageous; A jain prophet; Amongst men Boy Hindu
Amala Lakshmi; Expectation; Pure; Variant of amal: hopes aspirations wishes; Bird: beloved.; A positive name meaning aspiration and they are laborious; Unpolluted; The pure one Unisex -
Hansin Containing brahman or the supreme soul; The universal soul; Rich and humble , loyal , capable, excited; Another name for krishna Boy Christianity
Darpit Radiant; Luminous; Glorious; Bright; Our reflection Boy -
Pinakini Bow shaped; Curve Girl Hindu
Jayditya The triumphant golden shining sun forever; Victorious sun Boy Christianity
Taraprashad Star Boy Hindu
Daarshik Perceiver; The one who perceives Boy Hindu
Gopan Protection; Protector of cows; One of many names of lord shri krishna Boy -
Armita One who is righteous and virtuous; Wish, desire; Esire Girl -
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