Tula Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Tevy Angel; An angel Girl Buddhism
Ruqayya Prophet's female child; Spell superior Girl Islam
Tristan A goof knight; Tumult: outcry from the celtic name tristan in arthurian legend tristan was a knight of the round table and tragic hero of the medieval tale tristram and isolde Boy Christianity
Rongo Peace, peace loving people; The god of rain and fertility Unisex Christianity
Raghu chandan Surya vamshi Boy -
Roddy A well-know, acclamied leader of people; Variant of roderick famous ruler Boy -
Rupsha The name signifies impeccable beauty that cannot at anytime be measured; It is the name of a river in bangladesh; A girl with impeccable beauty and a name of the river of bangladesh Girl Islam
Tarulata A crossing or intersection; A creeper Girl Hindu
Taqdees Name for allah; The almighty; Pure, sanctity and holiness Girl Islam
Rocky One who is stony, rocky; Rock Boy -
Tejesh Sharpness; God of brightness, sun; Full of power Boy Hindu
Reneta A dignified young woman; Dignified Girl -
Rangle Cowboy; A cowboy Boy -
Toribio Bestowed in honour of saints; Bow maker Boy Christianity
Tayshaun God's gift of hope; A combination of taylor and shawn; God is merciful Boy Judaism
Tarra A creek; Rocky hill or star. an astral goddess in mythology; Of the tower Girl Christianity
Troy Son of a foot-soldier; Curly haired Unisex Christianity
Tehzeeb An educated woma; Elegance Girl Islam
Ridgeway To be on the ridge road; From the road on the ridge Boy -
Tvesin Impetuous; She who is impetuous Girl Hindu
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