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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Bertrand Intelligent: glorious raven; Introduced to britain during the norman conquest; Glorious raven; Wise person; Bright shield; Intelligent Boy Christianity
Shasta Three; From the triple-peaked mountain Unisex -
Romello Citizen of rome; A roman person Boy -
Sommer Summer, summoner; Summer Girl Christianity
Astghik American name derived from astgh which means a little star Girl -
Cocheta One who is not familiar; A stranger; Stranger Girl Christianity
Denequa A well organized person Girl Christianity
Enabarr Bird-head; This name means birdhead Boy Christianity
Elsa Rescued by percival; God who provides satisfaction; Truth Girl Christianity
Shemeka American created name Girl -
Dekedrian Happy-go-lucky individual; Created name Unisex Christianity
Kloe Kloe means flourishing; Young shoot Girl Judaism
Carolyn A joyful song of happiness; Joy also feminine variant of charles meaning manly Girl Christianity
Shyheim A gift of jehovah Boy -
Tandilyn Variation of the name tandi meaning a team Girl Christianity
Eadwiella It means 'from the old spring'; From the old spring Boy Christianity
Seanix American modern invented name Boy -
Donaver Capability of doing or accomplishing something Unisex Christianity
Do First child after twins; From ewe; A person who is independent, confident and has qualities like a leader Unisex Christianity
Eunicia A word in greek which means good victory Girl Christianity
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