Urdu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Taial Nature Boy Islam
Abdulkhalik Derived from arabic abd al-khäliq word that means servant of the extender Boy Islam
Basirat Insight; Insight perception; Perception, awareness, observation Boy Islam
Abdul malik Servant of the sovereign lord; A servant of king, kings of king as it is arabic name allah Boy Islam
Bujair Name of sahabi ra who known; Name of the one who knew Boy Islam
Nazreen Wild rose; The one who is watching of the spectators; Blue scented flower Girl -
Rozinah One day's wage; Reward; Pension; Daily wages Girl -
Mawhoub A male muslim name of urdu origin Boy -
Abdul mujeeb Servant of the responsive; A person who is among those responsible for going immediately to the scene to provide assistance Boy Islam
Naajy Variant of najy: safe; Safe; Free from danger or the threat of damage Boy -
Basm Grin, smile, Girl Islam
Abdul kareem Servant of the most generous; A follower who serves gracious, noble and generous Boy Islam
Abdulqader Slave to the talented and capable personality Boy Islam
Khurshidjahan The name means the sun of the world; Sun of the world Boy -
Abdul ghaffar Abdul is servant of allah and ghaffar means merciful and most forgiving; Servant of the forgiver Boy Islam
Abdul muhyi Actual meaning of muhyi is servant of the giver of life Boy Islam
Enayat Blessing; Grace; Kindness; Grace, kindness or blessing Boy Islam
Abdulhameed The ever praised; Servant of the praiseworthy; One who serves the most commendable and admirable individual Boy Islam
Rummana Pomegranate; A plum purple colour Girl -
Abdulmuqaddim Slave of the presenter; Helps all the presenters as well as expediter Boy Islam
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