Uttara Phalguni Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Tolman One who collects the toll; Collects taxes Boy Christianity
Padget Middle english - little page; Youthful assistant; Attendant; A young attendant / page; Servant, helper Girl -
Paandurang A deity; Name of lord vishnu Boy Judaism
Parna Leaf; The soothing sound of om; Wings; Feather Boy Judaism
Pinakin Lord shiva; One of many names of lord shiva signifying him as one with pinak (bow) Boy Hindu
Paramsangat Company of the highest; Companionship of supreme being Boy Hindu
Tolly Diminutive of bartholomew: ploughman. son of talmai; A farmer or one who ploughs the fields Boy Judaism
Pichai Older brother; A confident and independent person Boy Judaism
Torht Bright Boy Christianity
Patrizia A noble and kind hearted being; Noble Girl Judaism
Parampreet One who is in love of the god; One who loves the lord Boy Judaism
Padmaprabhu Name of the 6 th teerthankar; Padmaprabhu is the name of the 6th tirthankara of jainism Boy Jainism
Parijaat It is the celestial coral tree; A flower Boy Judaism
Parthasarathy Arjunas charioteer krishna; One who is charioteer of partha Boy Judaism
Padimni Like a flower; A variant of padmini; One of many names of goddess lakshmi; Lotus Girl Hindu
Piotr Stone; Rock; A variant form of peter; Old greek - rock Boy Greek
Parminder God of gods; One who is the god of the gods Boy Judaism
Paanini An ancient hindu saint; Grammarian; Name of a great scholar Boy Judaism
Parampara It is the succession of teachers to students; A continuous succession Girl Judaism
Payam Message; One who an interesting message Boy -
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