Uttara Ashada Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Jitatma The meaning of the name jitatma is conqueror of the soul it is an indian male name, used in hindu religion; Conqueror of the soul Boy Christianity
Janne Gift from god; From old roman mythology, wife of janus Girl Christianity
Jaygopal Victorious; One of many names of lord krishna celebrating him as victorious; Victorious lord krishna Boy Hindu
Jamshed Shining river; A shining river Boy -
Jadida Fresh; One who is not used, a fresh, new one; New Girl Christianity
Jamaal udeen Beauty of the faith Boy -
Jayronn Variant of names like jason and jacob; Refers to doctor or therapist Boy Christianity
Janaki priya Goddess sita; Daughter of king janak; Beloved of king janak (daughter of king janak) Girl Christianity
Jayce Someone who keeps you medicated; Strong Unisex Christianity
Jalbhushan Means wind; An ornament; Ornament of water Boy Christianity
Jaganmitra He is the friend to the whole world; Friend of the world Boy Hindu
Jag jeevan All the life on the earth; Life of the world Boy Christianity
Jakob Holder of the heel, name from the old testament; German form of jacob Boy Christianity
Jahleel One who has hope in god; Or beseeching; Waiting for; Or hope in god Boy Buddhism
Jamena Holy river; A holy river Girl Hindu
Jamil Good looking; Beautiful. graceful.; Handsome; Beautiful Boy Islam
Jarmila One who loves spring; The grace of spring Girl Christianity
Jawdat Excellence goodnaess; One who wants to be excellence Boy -
Jayla Happy; Charity Unisex Christianity
Jinavimala Lord vishnu; Name of lord vishnu who is powerful , motivated and deep in attitude have leadership skills and can easily divert the audience towards himself Boy Christianity
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