Vishaka Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Teige Good-looking; A good-looking woman Girl Christianity
Tusharkanti Lord shiva Boy Hindu
Tulia Destined for glory; Refers to the boundary of the beauty Girl Christianity
Terryl One who pulls; The god of thunder; Following thor Boy Christianity
Tuuli The mighty or strong people; Wind Unisex Christianity
Tene Love; African name meaning love Unisex -
Turfa Rare object; Novelty; Rarity; Refers to unique or exclusive Girl Islam
Tessa Harvester; Born fourth Unisex Christianity
Tuhfah Gift; Present; Natural abilities or qualities Girl Islam
Tusharsuvra Wsnow white; White as snow Boy Hindu
Terrelle Powerful; One who is powerful Boy Christianity
Tekli An eternal fame; Famous for god Girl Christianity
Tegbir Brave warrior with a sword; The brave warrior wielding the sword Boy Sikh
Teller Storyteller Boy Christianity
Terena From terence; Woman who is gracious Girl Christianity
Tedmond A national defender; National protector Boy Christianity
Tejpal Protector of brilliance; Protector of splendour or quick Boy Sikh
Turi Bear; One of the wild animals, bear Boy Christianity
Terika Abbreviation of teresa which is a popular saint's name of uncertain meaning; Abbreviation of teresa, meaning to harvest; Abbreviation of teresa; Meaning harvester Girl Christianity
Tusharkana A particle of snow; Thick ice cubes fall from the sky Girl Hindu
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