Vrish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Bhuman Earth Boy Hindu
Vyomaang Part of the sky Boy Hindu
Uditi Rising Girl Hindu
Bhaumana One who belongs to the earth; Son of the earth; Belongs to the earth Boy -
Bhim One of pandavas; Powerful; Fearful Boy Hindu
Bhutesa Brahma; Lord vishnu; Siva; Lord of all living-beings Boy Hindu
Vinay Good manners; Modesty; Humility; Modesty, a person who's humble and modest Boy Jainism
Bhaskari Sun; One who brings glory; Son of the sun Girl Hindu
Bhena Another name for sun and moon; The lord of stars Boy -
Bhiru Coward Boy -
Utpal A water lily; Burst open; Lotus; Fleshless; Lotus, water lily or beginning Boy Hindu
Wolfgang Advancing wolf; Wolf strife Boy Christianity
Udyati Elevated Girl Hindu
Vyomakesh A man with sky like hair; Sky like hair Boy Hindu
Bhuvaneshwar Lord of the planet; Lord of the world Boy Hindu
Bheeshmaka Name of king of vidarbha; King of vidarbha; Name of rukmini's father; Rukminis father Boy -
Ujjayini An ancient city; Ujjayini is the name of an ancient city it means rising Girl Hindu
Bhakati Devotion; Faithfulness; Trusts and believes in worshipping god Boy -
Vyusta Dawn or daybreak; Dawn; Daybreak Boy Hindu
Usman Salve of god; Usman is a variant of 'uthman' and means servant of god Boy Islam
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