Welsh Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Dewi Variant of david: beloved or friend; From the hebrew. sixth century st david; The goddess Girl -
Priyal Affectionate; Loving, kind; Caring; Compassionate; Beloved Boy Hindu
Einion Anvil; They are very generous Boy Christianity
Gwendolen Gwendolen means white browed person white brows are the sign of blessings and intelligence; Merlin's wife Girl Christianity
Samar Evening conversation.; To have conversations at night; Conversations at night; War Girl -
Ayanna Beautiful flower; One who is innocent / resembling a beautiful flower; A unique flower which is forever blooming; Innocent Girl -
Ambika Goddess parvati; Compassionate mothers; They are the three princesses of kashi; Goddess of the moon Girl -
Hina In mythology; A dual goddess symbolizing day and night; Goddess of fish or fishing; Henna. myrtle; Henna. myrtle.; Fragrance; Henna; Goddess of the moon Girl -
Suha Name of a star Girl Islam
Lyn A lion-like leader Boy Judaism
Shirin Sweet pleasant; Sweet; He sweet one; A sweet girl in persian. also, name of the characted from the resain and turkish legend Girl -
Haseena Variant of hasina: beautiful pretty; Beautiful. pretty Girl Christianity
Ryanna A magnificent queen Girl -
Sarah A princess; Princess; Variant of sara: pure happy; Wife of abraham; Lady; Princess (in arabic); Princess of the multitude; In the bible Girl -
Jenlyns White, fair, smooth skin Girl Christianity
Ayman Lucky; Holy; A right headed and blessed individual; Lucky on the right; Right-hand worker Boy -
Gwenaelle Blessed and generous; Gwen means white white color is the sign of holiness so gwen also means as holy Girl Judaism
Fatima A captivating woman; Daughter of the prophet; One who weans. daughter of the prophet muhammad.; Prophet mohamma; The perfect woman; Captivating. daughter of the prophet muhammad: one of four perfect women mentioned in the koran. the other three were Girl Islam
May Bitter; The month of may.; Meaning star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness; Diminutive of margaret: pearl.; Diminutive of margaret: child of light. famous bearer: margaret thatche; Daughter of atlas; Born during the month of may; Form of mary; M Girl Judaism
Sapna A dream come true; Dream Girl -
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